My Story

His will...

I was driving in the far left lane one night, running an errand, when I suddenly heard a voice that startled me. As tired as I was, I will never forget how clearly I heard His voice that during day the humid summer of 2006. That's when God gave me a vision, soon to become this epic adventure! Still driving, the characters of this vision began to come to life, but I began to have an adventure of my own when a car jumped out in front of me and hit the median wall. Thankfully, I was aware enough to pull into the right lane. As sparks began to fly from the vehicle ahead, the more vivid the vision became.

I frantically dialed the first number in my phone and got a hold of my younger brother Bo, and told him to grab a pen, and just write what I say. Careful not to miss any detail of my vision, he scurried together what he could. He was stunned at the ideas that were seemingly off the top of my head. I later explained this was the vision God had given to me.

After I made it to my destination, I went back home and read over the notes that my brother jotted down. I looked at it, read it, and reread it, and almost became afraid of it. I thought, "God wants me to write this?" I barely liked writing papers for school, and now HE wants me to write a book. "What if it's not good enough? What if I fail?" I began questioning why He would entrust me with such an overwhelming task. I put it away thinking it must have been a mistake.

Months flew by, and I wasn't able to sleep. Before I knew it a year had passed, and the urges to write got stronger. Every time that I would look down, all I would think about is the urge to write the book God had given me. I was reminded of my first love, the way all of my time was consumed with thoughts for it, the different characters, and visions of their experiences. As He revealed new ideas, I yielded to Him and began to write them down.

God's will is the hardest thing to follow when you have your mind set on what you want to accomplish in life, but obedience is truly better than sacrafice. As I began to follow His will, and not my will, He gave me the outline of what He wanted. It wasn't until I was willing that He filled in the missing parts of the story.

Just like the characters in Summer of Seven, learning to trust and believe in God is essential to life. From a late night vision I was given in 06' to see the project come to completion Novemeber 23, 2009. I am still blown away by what God has done; but there were challenges that lie ahead. It was one thing to finally obey and write the book, but now how do I get it published? Who will edit and distribute the book?

The trials I had to overcome coupled with the doubt I had to face of writing this book serves as proof of what God will do for your life when you believe and obey. Enjoy as I share with you God's vision he gave to me!