What is the #IAmNotAWeirdo Campaign?

There is no doubt that bullying has become an epidemic in U.S. schools, homes, neighborhoods, etc. The latest bullying statistics have skyrocketed in 2014, for social, verbal and physical bullying as well as cyber bullying. This abuse also affects adults.

#IAmNotAWeirdo campaign allows people to embrace who they are and feel comfortable about being "different." This experience will allow people to recognize, it is ok to be who you are and not be bullied. The "Summer of Seven" novel lays out the blueprint on how individuals can confront and face their fears, dealing with bullying and accepting that you can be different and uniquely made. This social media platform enables children and adults to express themselves and letting others know you are not alone.

This novel will impact and change lives, while building courage and self-esteem. The objective of the book is to save souls, exploring ministry through fun and adventure! Children will be able to understand who God is and see heaven in a way that opens their imagination. It is relatable and a guide for the young generation, but a good read for all readers. A new concept to touch the world and prevent this type of abuse.

Join the movement and purchase "Summer of Seven" and a portion of the proceeds will go towards an anti-bullying non-profit organization. This will help provide extensive resources for children and adults. Bullying is recognized as a serious issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of people.